Course Details
The college is affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University, Chennai from 2008-09 onwards. It offers B. Ed. in Tamil, English, Mathematics, Physical Science, Biological Science and History. Duration: 1 Year

1. Eligibility for Admission to the Course

A candidate shall be eligible for admission into the course leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Education provided: The candidate who has taken a B.A / B.Sc., under 10+2+3 (15) pattern, in school subjects that are offered in the recognized Secondary Schools in Tamil Nadu, B. Litt, or a Post-Graduate degree in the same subject taken at the UG level of the Universities in Tamil Nadu or a degree of some other University accepted by the Syndicate of the Universities in Tamil Nadu as equivalent thereto with the subject concerned as the major in Part III of his/her Bachelor’s Degree Examination with the minimum of 50% marks in Part III (Major and Allied subjects) for OC, 45% for BC, 43% for MBC and 40% marks for SC/ST. This foresaid minimum qualification is applicable to the candidates who seek admission into the B.Ed. course with the P.G qualification in the concerned subjects also.

Reservation of seats and other concessions for the SC/ST, MBC, BC and other special categories of candidates notified by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu may be provided in accordance with the statutory provisions of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu in force from time to time.

2. Duration

The total number of days of an academic year will be 180 working days inclusive of Practice Teaching, School/Community based activities and exclusive of Admission and Examination work. The course work will be 1225 hours.

Attendance :

Students should attend the instruction classes on all working days. Written application for leave should be submitted atleast one day in advance.

If a student is absent for five consecutive working days without applying for leave, his/her name will be removed from the roll of the college.

Attendance is taken daily and those who arrive late are marked as absent.

No student will be released from the training until the course is completed. No student will be allowed to appear for the B.Ed., degree examinations unless he/she puts in 90% of the attendance of the total working days as prescribed by the university.

3. Teaching Practice and Other Practicals

a) Teaching Practice The practice teaching will have to be undergone in any one of the recognized schools approved by State/ CBSE/ Matriculation/ ICSE/ or Anglo - Indian Boards or any other recognized Board for a continuous period of 40 working days inclusive of teaching of both the optionals. Medium of internship/ teaching practice may be decided by the Principals of Colleges of Education in consultation with the respective teacher educators based on the communication abilities of student - teachers in either English or Tamil.

b) Other Practicals Every student must undertake a number of other practicals as prescribed by the College to which necessary instructions would be given at the beginning of the academic year.