Special Features
  1. Sports and Games

  2. There is a full time Physical Director. In addition to theoretical lectures and demonstrations, participation in sports and games are made compulsory.
  3. SUPW

  4. The Art and Craft Instructor prepares the students for Socially Useful Productive Work Programmes (SUPW).
  5. Clubs

  6. Subject clubs are organized for enrichment of knowledge and development of talents.
  7. Talent Programmes

  8. Opportunities are provided for the development of hidden talents of the students throughout the year.
  9. Seminars

  10. In addition to the regular academic programmes, seminars are also organized, inviting experts from different fields.
  11. Self- Awareness Programme

  12. A course on self-awareness will be conducted; attendance for this course is obligatory on all.
  13. Extension Activities

  14. Every year, our staff and students in collaboration with alumni association, organize either a science exhibition or social camp or medical camp in a selected rural area around Vencode. It isa service to the rural people by our college. It also motivates our students towards a broad national outlook. Also important national days are celebrated to develop national values.
  15. Alumni Association

  16. Alumni Association is another supportive pillar of the college and a link between the former students and the Alma Mater. The students are registered as the life time members of the association, when they complete the course. The members are encouraged, through this association, to live and to cooperate with various activities of the college. A lot of outreach programmes and common celebrations are organized; apart from the general body meeting, periodical meeting are held when the situation arises to participate in the development of the college. Current students are also involved in the activities of the association.
  17. Computer Education

  18. Our computer lab has 20 computers with latest configuration. The B.Ed. students are given training in using Computer Softwares. The practicals are arranged in the class hours. The students are given opportunity to use the computers during holidays. Internet Browsing Facility is available for all the students.
  19. Career Information Corner(CIC)

  20. Our college offers guidance and counselling, career motivation and information regarding various courses related to employment. Details of the employment opportunities are provided. The placement service is given to the students.